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All our Textiles, whether made in-house or sourced, are approved to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This certifies that they contain no substances harmful to people or the environment. Oeko-Tex is an internationally renowned testing certification system for textiles. Test criteria are standardized across the world and include tests for pH-value, pesticides and heavy metals. Only when a garment is proved to contain no harmful substances is it granted Oeko-Tex approval.

About Us

Committed to Excellence Since 1998

Founded in 1998, Aaron Export Enterprises perfectly combines the spirit of a young and dynamic company with more than two decades of well experience in the sector of Manufacture and Supply of any kind of Home Textiles. The company is located in Karur, Tamilnadu, the southern part of the India and has good business relationship with the European continent for many years. Our main activity is to offer high quality Bed linen, Table linen, Cushions, Curtains and Kitchen linen at the quality and price level required by our customers. The experience and tradition of our company in Home Textiles to made available to our customers the largest collection in the market.

We are specialized in manufacturing any type of Home Textiles and Knitted Garments with quality tailor-made with the Monogram or Logo you wish for advertising and or for merchandising. Our great production capacity, Service, quality, innovation, cost effectiveness and agility allow us to satisfy almost 100% our customers’ needs.

We make Your Work Easier


An innovative way of thinking is the best way to create new home textile products. This leads us to over 300 different designs every year. We work with the Pantone TCX and TPX colors and that makes us very flexible if you prefer a certain design in your own color. In that case, we will quickly provide you samples of the designs you choose, in the fabric type and colour that you want.

One-Contact Only

Our One-Contact Only policy allows you to order and relax. We take care of production, packing and shipping in the most professional way. Additionally, we make sure that our customers will have one Export Manager from our company. You will only be in contact with your Export Manager, which will take care of everything.our One-Contact Only policy will simplify your work.

Your Own Design

We can produce and ship our customers own designs and ideas. We always respect their demands when it comes to the fabric quality, confection, packing, sticker info and the shipping date. To protect our customers designs is also very important, so we make sure that they are safely produced. We make sure that you and your interests are protected.

Company Ethics

In our company, we have a lot of ethical guidelines for handling partners, customers and ourselves. Customer sovereignty is a crucial point for our ethical behavior in a market. We will never sell the same product to competitors in the same market. Therefore, it is completely safe for you to bring your own designs to our production. We guarantee completely exclusivity for you. We see this as a key to build long-term relationships of trust and good deals with our customers.

Since we are producing in Asia, we know there are concerns about work ethics in this culture. We are doing our best to have inspections both ourselves and from external bureaus. We have zero-tolerance for child labor, forced labor, illegal work hours and environment. We try to use our ethical visions to create a better and healthier environment for people among us.

By working with us, you will find our methods and systems very effective which will make your life much easier.


We focus on Ready-made Curtains, Cushions, Table Cloths and the production of Fabrics.
Our products can be produced in our or your own designs.

Ready-Made Curtain

Ready-made Curtains is the product that we produce the most. Every year, there are many containers shipped with our curtains, directly to our costumers.

We produce all kinds of curtains in several kinds of confections.

  • Curtains with Eyelets
  • Curtains with many different types of tape
  • Curtains with open channel
  • Curtains with hidden loops or with normal loops
  • Roll ups
  • Kitchen curtain sets
  • Cafe curtains
  • Valances

Everything is possible with us, so we can, in general, make the confection following the buyers instructions. If you provide us a sample or simply give us your instructions we will make it.


Usually, we produce filled Cushions that can be vacuum packed, but we can also deliver just the Cushion Cover.

The cushions we produce can be finished with zipper or with buttons and we can also arrange this product with piping.
Our Cushions are usually produced in 45x45cm and 50x50cm but if the costumer wants a different size, we can adapt our products to the costumer needs.

If the costumer has their own Cushion model, we can produce it as well following strictly their instructions.

Table Cloth

We can also produce Table Cloths, Table runners and Placemats.
This can be produced in any size or design, following the costumers instructions.

Tea Towels

Tea Towels are usually produced in 50x70cm but if the costumer wants a different size, we can adapt our products to the costumer needs.

Tea Towels

ORGANIC TEXTILE PRODUCTS : Only 100% Eco Friendly Raw Materials

We are ready to supply you with 100% organic textile products. To be considered 100% organic, for example, cotton has to meet a very strict approval process. The certifier, the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), has approved every step in the process from cotton to the finished goods.

The process begins from the time the cotton is grown, to how the cotton is transported to the mill, how it is milled, how it is bleached using oxygen based bleach (non chlorine), how the cotton is printed using *Low Impact Dyes, and must also meet a standard of fair working conditions set by the International Labour Organization (ILO). At the end of the process a certificate is provided to ensure that all of these standards have been met and approved.


Happy Customers

Our company has been working in the Scandinavian market for over 20 years. We work with Big Chain Stores, Wholesalers and Distributors.


Dedicated Employees

we have own employees and partners for production and delivery, your company will be able to skip a lot of steps while working with us.


Projects Completed

The result of mixing all our effort, investment and the loyalty between our customers and us ends up with morethan 200 orders successfully completed.

Aaron Export Enterprises

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